What is wonder trade?
– Pretty much a magical place. You wonder what you will get.

Is your stream live or recorded?
– It is live.

Who is wonder trading?
– It is a bot that is wondertrading.

Why don’t you talk?
– I am probably not on the computer or doing something else.

When do you talk?
– On my regular stream that is everyday from 12 (midnight) Australia Time +10 GMT. You can type !time to check the time on the stream chat.

Can we get your pokemons from wondertrade?
– Yes, we have found over 100s of viewers by now in 3-4 days.

How do we get pokemons from wondertrade?
– Just wondertrade when the WondeTradesTimer types “0” in the chat.
There are a lot of viewers doing it together, so you have a lot of chances to find them too.

Why the chat goes to subscriber mode while wondertrading?
– So that people do not type to interrupt and mess with the countdown.

Why do you do it ?
– It’s awesome to see what you get. Also, why not fill the wonder trades with shinys? Make someone’s day?

What are the benefits?
– For me? Nothing, I like having an awesome community! Our channel has awesome regulars who hangs out together and enjoy their time.
We also like to help and support always. Come in for anything.
For you guys? Shinys!

How did you get this idea of wonder trading with countdown?
– Our twitch channel has been wondertrading for very long time. Our channel might be the first one to start wondertrades with countdown on “twitch”.
Our viewers basically started the countdown wondertrades on twitch, I’d say. So, viewers gave me the idea.

Who created the bot?
– I personally set it up and got all the necessary items for it. It is an open source program.

How did you do it?
– Looked it up on google, youtube to make one after making “twitch plays pokemon ruby” in my own chat.
“Twitchplayspokemon” was the first thing that inspired to make my one for my own chat. It was fun.
“DekuNukem” youtuber or “twitch_plays_3ds” for awesome videos on youtube made me think it’s possible.
Coding was tricky but pretty easy as I studied “processing” at University.

How does the bot do it?
– Controls the buttons and triggers when necessary.

What are the problems in the automatic wondertrades?
– There are several bugs.
1. 3ds has this error “Press Power Button” which has to be sorted out manually.
2. Internet disconnection can occur but bot automatically fixes it but might skip 1-2 wondertrades.
3. Pokemon that evolves might also skip 1 wondertrades.
Other than that, it works pretty fine. It’s not perfect but it works fine.

Will I ever sell this?
– Probably not. I don’t think it is worth selling and is not that difficult to make one.

How long are you going to do this?
– As long as I can.
A lot of supporters in our channel! All the subs and donators, I would like to thank them personally!

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