Trivia is a great way to broaden your Pokemon knowledge. Test yourself and be the first one to answer the questions correctly.

At the end of the month, we will have a winner and there will be a reset on trivia scores.
Winner will receive a special pokemon plush like this.

Trivia questions are asked every 50 seconds.
You are given 60 seconds and 4 guesses to answer the question.
Hints are given every 20 seconds.
You win 1 point per answer.

Past Trivia Winners:


2018 January Grandarms1 Scores
2018 February Aegidoof Scores
2018 March Grandarms1 Scores
2018 April Pria_The_Jumpluff Scores


2017 January Floudrai Scores
2017 February Floudrai Scores
2017 March Vinnyvans Scores
2017 April Ghostlyspirites Scores
2017 May Unekyou Scores
2017 June Arinadostv Scores
2017 July Thanos7999 Scores
2017 August M9A1 Scores
2017 September Chrisjeser Scores
2017 October Unekyou Scores
2017 November Thegreatleadermaxie Scores
2017 December Smolcoop Scores


2016 January Katze789 Scores
2016 February Troydafire20 Scores
2016 March Johncena1124 Scores
2016 April Amazonevan19 Scores
2016 May Redmikee10 Scores
2016 June Johncena1124 Scores
2016 July Poketrivia_Player Scores
2016 August Ballisticknife Scores
2016 September Acutereboot Scores
2016 October Acutereboot Scores
2016 November Sky__Sailing Scores
2016 December Johncena1124 Scores


2015 June Kooljohnson32 Scores
2015 July Kooljohnson32 Scores
2015 August Xolotl123 Scores
2015 September Taylor7777777777 Scores
2015 October Wacko36 Scores
2015 November Shining_Shadows Scores
2015 December Fieryflareon Scores