SuperLocke (NEW)

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What is superlocke?

– Combination of Nuzlocke & Wonderlocke

This was created to have more interaction with the awesome viewers. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it.

Have I ever done this before?

– No. Also I have completed this game just once.

Rules Of SuperLocke

Guys, we are trying to make this easy as possible because this is the very first time.

We will adjust the rules if necessary to add more spice to the game!


1. AusLove can get one pokemons each grass patch, first pokemon seen.
First pokemon caught will stay and nicknamed,

Second pokemon caught will go to wondertrade.

(Nicknaming and Wondertrade will happen simultaneously through out the game)

If found same pokemon as in the team, AusLove can ignore it.

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2. Nickname will be done by viewers in the chat, and wonder trade will be done with the countdown.

Pokemon received from wondertrade cannot be 10 level higher than the pokemon released. Will have to wondertrade again in that case.

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3. Pokemon fainted in a battle is considered as dead and will go to “RIP” box

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4. No help from other trainers/trades but in game trades are possible.

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5. No use of legendaries to complete the entire game.

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6. Pokemon center and pokemon mart can be used without limitations.

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7. Level of the pokemons should not be more than 10 level higher than the next gym leader.

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