Shiny Wonder Trades

Shiny in Wonder Trades?
Yes! You came to the right place.
Click the picture below to see the people who have found shinys from wonder trades.
Or simple go to the link of twitter:

Go to where there is a count down for you to wonder trade.

The Wonder Trade is up for 24/7. It goes offline only for maintenance which is rare.
What do we Wonder Trade except shiny?
– Most of the pokemon are fully trained (ready for battle) for practice battles.
Are you planning to complete SHINY DEX?
– Yes, we are sending out around 30+ shiny different pokemon every day which will help you complete shiny dex too.
Any suggestions?
– Send message to my twitch:
– Send email: auslovetwitch [at]
Would like to support?
– Become a twitch subscriber. $4.99 a month which can be cancelled anytime.
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2. Skype Support For Prizes & Team Help