Shiny Egg Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon – Easter 2018 – AuSLove.TV

This Easter as always, we are distributing shiny eggs to our subscribers via trade.

To receive eggs on easter. Please follow the following steps before the 28th of March. [No late entries]

  1. Go to any route and catch a pokemon.
  2. Nickname the pokemon with your twitch name. Example: Your twitch name is PokeMaster42069, nickname it pokemaster42 … or how much it fits. Please don’t do pmasta42069…
  3. Trade that pokemon to one of the moderator for your sprizes (saturday prizes) or just trade the pokemon to a moderator.
  4. Wait for easter the 1st, moderators will be sending the eggs out.

    [Current active mods: TheGreatLeaderMaxie, boblikesfood86, PaintingBunny]