Redeem Prizes (On Progress)

ZGiftYou can check your current auscoin balance by typing !auscoins

Auscoin can be used in raffles and it can be used for battles as well. Most importantly, it can be used to redeem prizes from our channel.

♥ 500 auscoins:
– Shiny Ditto 6IV Japanese


♥ 750 auscoins :
– Any shiny 6IV EV trained pokemon from the list

658[1]Battle Ready will be 6IV, shiny and EV trained. Check the list below.

♥ 1000 auscoins (Alternative $4.99 donation or SUB):
– Any Pokemon (Even Legendaries) from the redeem list +

-Bronze VIP for donators


♥ 2000 auscoins (Alternative $9.99 donation):

– Any 2 Legendaries from the redeem list +

-Silver VIP for donators


♥ 3000 auscoins (Alternative $14.99 donation):
– 4 Shiny Pokemons/Legends from the list.+

-Gold VIP for a month and 10 days for donators/subs


♥ 5000 auscoins (Alternative $19.99 donation):

– 6 Shiny Pokemons/Legends from the list. +

– Gold VIP for a month and half for donators.

There are special event sets too if you would like.

Click on each one of them to get more info.


jirachi meloetta genesect keldeo-resolute diancie


zekrom giratina deoxys-attack mew victini

♥ 8000 auscoins (Alternative $24.99 donation):

– 8 Any Legends/Pokemons of your choice. +

– Gold VIP for 1 and 2o days for donators.

Choose From These Or 8 From List:

jirachi meloetta genesect keldeo-resolute diancie arceus zekrom giratina
mew victini xerneas yveltal zygarde zapdos articuno moltres
deoxys-attack -NORMy virizion terrakion cobalion deoxys-defense tornadus-therian thundurus landorus-therian
latios lugia raikou entei suicune reshiram kyurem mewtwo
regice registeel regigigas shaymin heatran dialga palkia darkrai
uxie mesprit phione manaphy rayquaza groudon kyogre cresselia

♥ 12500 auscoins (Alternative $44.99 donation):

– Fan Art/Portrait of your favorite pokemon and you +
– 6 Legends of your choice for donators +

– Gold VIP 3 months for donators

Samples are in my

For more better info

4 5 6

♥ 14000 auscoins : (Alternative $49.99 donation):

OBS/XSplits/Layout/Notification Setups

4 6

Want to stream? Don’t know where to start? I will help you from scratch with each and everything you need for being awesome loyal viewer.

It will include my personal guidance on skype until you are confident enough to stream.

Will assist with most of the games. 2 personalized layouts made by me, Donation Setup, Follower Alerts.

[Art excluded]

♥ 15000 auscoins (Alternative $55.99 donation):
– Portrait of your favourite pokemon and you.+
– Youtube video of the art +

– Gold VIP for 2 months and a half + for donators


♥ 25000 auscoins (Alternative $99.99 donation):
– How could you get that many coins?
– A whole stream partner on skype (choose a day) +
– 6 Any Legends +
– An Art +

– Gold VIP 6 months for donators+

All the pokemons that can be redeemed will be listed here.

Please submit your redeem request here.

Prizes Redeemed (You can find your submission here)