Pokemon Sun and Moon Shiny Eggs

This Easter we have a surprise for you subscribers of our twitch channel.

What You Will Receive:

1. Shiny Lopunny
[Before Saturday 15th April]

2. Shiny Egg [Random or Your Choice] [After Saturday 15th April]


Catch a pokemon or breed a pokemon.

Nickname the pokemon to your twitch name.
Example: If your twitch name is Viatrix, your pokemon nickname would be Viatrix or
If your twitch name XBloodyMistake, your pokemon nickname would XBloodyMista (12 Digit)
Fit in how much you can from the start.

Deposit the pokemon you caught or bred with nickname in GTS asking for LOPUNNY.

Tell moderators what you deposited, your trainer name and also what you want for EASTER SHINY EGG.
You can ask for random or any level 1 pokemon (no legends)

You will receive LOPUNNY from the moderator.

We will let you know how to receive eggs later after Saturday.

Any questions? Feel free to ask moderators.
Their names:
ant1pois0n, ilafae, rothock, shining_shadows, thegreatleadermaxie, xbloodypotato

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