Old Redeem


You can check your current auscoin balance by typing !auscoins

Auscoin can be used in raffles and it can be used for battles as well. Most importantly, it can be used to redeem prizes from our channel.

♥ 150 auscoins : Redeem Any 1 Item Of Your Choice.

Includes Mega Stones, berries, any possible item. Does NOT include KEY ITEMS like SHINY CHARM.


♥ 500 auscoins:

mega_sceptile_version_1_by_princess_phoenix-d7m809w[1]Also, all the ORAS mega pokemons are going for 500 https://auslove.net/oras-giveaway/ (LIST COMING SOON)

♥ 750 auscoins:
– Any shiny 6IV EV trained pokemon from the list. List coming soon.

658[1]Battle Ready will be 6IV, shiny and EV trained. Moves cannot be confirmed. Check the list below.

♥ 1000 auscoins (Alternative $4.99 donation):
– Any Legendaries from the redeem list

– Instant Battle on the live stream

♥ 3000 auscoins (Alternative $14.99 donation):

– Any 4 Legendaries from the redeem list

♥ 5000 auscoins (Alternative $19.99 donation):

– Any 6 Legendaries from the redeem list