***Current Moderators***
**Sub/Resub Helpers:** *TheGreatLeaderMaxie, Shining_Shadows*
Saturday Moderators: xBloodyMistake, Heathbar2016, Ilafae

Please speak with them if you are a new subscriber or resubscriber. Type !skype for my skype.
Moderators are the ACTIVE users in the stream who will be helping out in day to day basis.
These are the people to look up to when you are in need. They will be taking care of spams, harassment in the chat and also help out the subscribers with their prizes.

***What if someone is harassing you?***
If someone is harassing you, report it to the moderators or me. Next ignore the user by typing: /ignore username

***How To Become A Moderator***
Moderators have a lot of responsibilities. We will always be looking for active moderators who love helping other users and the stream in daily basis. More the merrier.

**Saturday-Sunday Moderators**
If you guys have free time during Saturday/Sunday and would like to help the stream during these days, you guys can apply for one. You will be responsible to help out subscribers with the Saturday prize. [click here](