Unlimited Items [Masterball / Gold Bottle Cap]

This is currently for $9.99 and $24.99 subscribers only.
Currently in a test phase.

The $24.99 subscribers will soon receive another perk (help with pokedex)

1. Whisper AuSLoveBot your friend code, using your $9.99 or $24.99 emotes. [WITHOUT FRIEND CODE – THIS WON’T WORK MORE THAN ONCE]

So deposit a Torkoal in GTS,

Seek for:
Level 41-50 Torkoal = For a Masterball
Level 41-50 Smeargle = For a Gold Bottle Cap

The good thing is, you can remove master ball from that Torkoal and then you can keep depositing the same Torkoal and you will keep getting Masterball! It can help you with shiny hunting.

TIP: Put the torkoal in your team so you don’t have to leave festival plaza to remove item and disconnect/reconnect to the internet.