CURRENT Giveaways:

Also there will be Litten, Popplio, Rowlett Plushies giveaway on facebook and twitter soon!

Every month, we will give out MYTHICAL pokemon PLUSH!

Also, 3DS giveaway will be a monthly thing .

Past Giveaway Winners:

Pics will be added soon. [Date/Month will be added]

ESSRA1992 – 2DS with Pokemon X
Magikarp_The_Brave – 2DS with Pokemon X
tripinxero -NEW 3DS XL with Animal Crossing Home Designer + Omega Ruby Giveaway
3DS XL Fire Emblem – sophiarr
Wii U with Super Mario Maker – SmikiSoulGem
NEW 3DS – LegendGarry
New 3DS White – TyredStar
Plushie Winners [Will be updated soon]
March Winners:

Chris- Shaymin
Zaphimu – Treeko Figurines
ERIN –  Chespin Figurine
StephT43 – Charizard X
Shinyz –  Pikachu Santa
Dinosaurz –  Pikazard
Dlee –  Pikachu Figures
Shadow Lugia –  Vaporeon
Shining Shadows – Mew & Chespin Plushie
Maxie – Groudon and Pikachu Hat
Passiefruit – Charizard X
Katze – Pikazard
Viscol – Zoroark Plush
Ajryt – Pikachu Plush
HysHysHys – Deck Cards
Troydafire20 – Pikazard
FieryFlareon – Pikazard
PiggyPigKing – Pikazard