AuSLove Cooking Stream 2

This will be a cooking stream will start at 4PM EST on 24th Feb, Saturday.

Our todays dish will be EGG ROLL [Low Cost As Possible]

THIS IS INGREDIENTS I WILL BE USING ON THAT STREAM. If you want to do it together, feel free to grab these.

For fillings, you can literally add whatever you want to but we will try to keep it simple for everyone for now.

1. Tortillas [Make sure not bigger than your pan size]

 2. Eggs

3. Oil [Cooking oil, olive oil, veg oil, any oil]

Fillings Of Your Choice:
1. Chicken/Beef Mince (your choice)
2. Carrots (If you like them)
3. Onions (If you like them, purple is good raw, otherwise any is okay, we can cook them)
4. Cheese (its okay without cheese but you can use it. If you got block of cheese, we can grate it.)
5. Bacon (not necessary unless you want to add)
6. Tomatoes (not needed if you dont like raw tomatoes)
7 Lettuce [Forgot to add this before]

8. Garlic & Ginger Paste
(To cook mince with but if you can’t find it, you dont need it, you can also just use normal ginger and garlic. )
(Readymade paste makes your life easy. Should be found in walmart)
(might find it in local walmart)

Additional Taste:
1. Sour Cream [If you don’t like it, no need]

2. Sauce (Your Choice: Tomato/ BBQ / Ranch/ Garlic Sauce/ Chilli/ Your Choice)

3. Salt [Pepper if you like it]

Grater [To Grate Carrots]

Flat Pan [To Cook Eggs]

1 EGG should be enough to make 1 Egg roll.

Prep 1 = Cooking Mince [Heat Pan, Heat Some Oil, Cook your mince, Put it in a container]

Prep 2 = Frying Onions [Dice them, Little oil in hot pan and fry until golden and put away]

Prep 3 = Grating Carrots [Wash Carrots and grate them tiny]

Prep 4 = Making Egg Roll [Will be shown on the stream]

Prep 5 = Filling Egg Roll [EZ fill it in whatever you want]