AuSLove Cooking Stream 3

STREAM DATE: 15th July 2018

This cooking stream on Sunday 5PM EST, we are cooking burgers and fries. Everyone’s favorite!!!
I know some of you guys want to cook together, so I made a list for you guys so we can cook together.

Download the list here [Print Them and Go shopping]:
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DOWNLOAD PICTURE OF ALL: Download Link – Click Here

NOTE: Some items will be used in a low quantity and you might not be able to buy them in that low quantity but trust me, they are items you use them in everyday basis.
Example: Eggs. We need 1 egg, but it comes in a pack of 6-12. More examples: Tomato, Onions, Cheese slices.

NoTickKey IngredientsPricesQuantity
1Ground Beef or Beef Mince$4-$5 x [2]1pound or 500gram | 2 pounds or 1KG
2Any Cheap Bread Crumbs$1.5-$21 Pack – [1/2-1 pound. You will use less]
31 Egg30 cents1 Egg
4SaltLol1-2 Table spoon [Got it at home?]
5Grounded Black Pepper$21-2 Table spoon [Got it at home?]
6Garlic Powder [Optional]$1You can use real garlic cloves.
7Burger Buns$2-$4A pack of 4-8
8Onion [Red is better]$11-2 Piece
9Tomatoes$2/pound1-2 Piece
10Cheese [Optional]$3 Any kind of cheese.
11Sliced Beets [Optional]$1.48For the taste  and for  beet lovers
12Lettuce [Optional]$1.80Iceberg Lettuce? [Might find Shredded Pack]
13Avacado [Optional]$3.00You can add this instead of mayo [Healthy fat]
14Bacon [Optional]$5.00Honestly, you don’t need bacon but optional
15Oil, Any kind$2500ml or 1Litre [Veg oil  is probably cheapest]
16Frozen Fries [Optional]$2.14A Bag  [Why not?]
17A Drink [Optional]$21l-2L soft drink if you want
18Baking Paper$3Yes! YOU NEED THIS – to store leftover beef
19Sandwich Bags$2.72To ziplock your leftover patties
20Food Gloves [Optional]Just if you don’t want
 to touch the meat with your bare hands
Choose 1 or 2Don’t Need All Sauces
21Aoili Sauce$2.74Probably preferred for this.
Mustard SauceI don’t use it unless a hotdog.
KetchupIt’s not bad.
Sweet ChilliUse to be my fav.
MayoMayo is just good! Just good!
BBQOoo not bad too.
Max Cost$25-35 USDFeeds Aprrox 4-5 People