Channel Commands

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Please feel free to ask if you need help with your dex or anything at all. Our awesome viewers are always there to help.

1. General Commands

  • !auscoins : Displays the current points a user holds.
  • !myrank : Displays the rank of the user
  • !joindate : Displays the date when user joined the channel.
  • !hours : Displays the hours that user watched the channel.
  • !tournament : Displays the current status of the tournament.
  • !giveaways : Displays the current giveaways.
  • !vip : Displays VIP info with rank and subscription expiry date (Only for VIPs)
  • !ticket x : Enters an open raffle with specified number of tickets (e.g. !ticket 4 to purchase 4 tickets)
  • !bid x : Enters a bid during an open auction (e.g. !bid 400 to bid 400 points)
  • !bets x y : When betting pools are open, it enters your bet of “x” points on option “y” (e.g. !bets 100 2).
  • !btag x : Enters the users btag into the global database.
  • !raffle help : Command to show users status of current raffles
  • !betting help : Command to show users status of current betting pool
  • !bankheist x : Command to start a bank heist and gamble some of your points against the bot. Survive, and you will walk away rich!
  • !dragrace type x y : Command to start/enter a drag race. “x” is amount of points to bet and “y” is a number between 1-8 for the car you are betting on.
    • Type can be “win”, “top2” or “top3” as detailed below. Choose wisely!
    • “win” means you are betting that the car you picked will come first. This is risky but has a huge payoff!
    • “top2” means you are betting that the car you picked will come first or second. Better odds with a lower payoff.
    • “top3” means you are betting that the car you picked will come first, second or third. Much better odds with an even lower payoff.
  • !dragrace myinfo : Shows info about the bets you have placed on the running drag race.
  • !joinarena x : Command to join an arena and wager some of your points in a fight against other viewers. Survive, and you walk away richer!
  • !song : Command to show currently playing song (Only works if you are using the internal YouTube Player, iTunes or Spotify)
  • !songlist : Shows the full list of songs being played in the internal youtube music player.
  • !prevsong : Command to show last played song (Only works if you are using the internal YouTube Player)
  • !nextsong : Command to show next song to be played (Only works if you are using the internal YouTube Player)
  • !requestsong : Shows the current cost setup to request songs for different user classes.
  • !requestsong youtubeID : Requests songs to be added to the stream playlist. *Note: Currency cost may apply!*
  • !skipsong : Command to start a vote to skip the current song.
  • !skipsong x : Pay the veto cost and skip the song by yourself! *Note: Veto powers are expensive!
  • !cmdlist : Display active channel commands for the stream.
  • !hscard card_name : Display details about hearthstone cards.

 2. Bank Heist

Bank Heists is a mini-game in AusRobot that allows you to gamble away a few coins in hopes of earning more.
If the feature is active, anyone can start a bank heist by typing !bankheist where ‘x’ represents the amount you wish to gamble. (e.g. !bankheist 50)

Other viewers in the channel will have 2-3 mins to join you in the heist.
By default you would rob the Municipal bank with a small crew with a chance to loot 1.5 times your wager. However, if you are able to rally the troops and gather more people to join the crew, you can try robbing a larger bank with a higher payout.
Breakdown of each bank and the associated payouts are listed below.

ParticipantsWin MultiplierSuccess Chance
AusRobot Municipal Bank
< 10
55% – 65%
AusRobot City Bank
48% – 58%
AusRobot State Bank
43% – 50%
AusRobot National Bank
39% – 44%
AusRobot Federal Reserve
> 40
33% – 36%

Some extra commands for VIPS during bank heist you can use:  !grenade , !checkguns, !manyourguns, !flashbang, !shoot, !gun, !boobflash, !rigged

Enjoy! 🙂

3. Arena

The Arena is a new mini-game.
It allows viewers to compete against each other in two modes. They are:

  1. Knockout Arena is a 1-1 battle where the viewers can wager points in a fight. If they win, they walk away with their opponents points (capped at their own max wager)
  2. Tournament Arena is a tournament bracket where there is a fixed entry cost and all fighters compete for the top three positions. The victors walk away with the full pot of entry fees.

Mods can start the Arena using the command !startarena <mode> <amount>

  • Mode 1 is Knockout Arena. In this mode <amount> reflects the max wager a viewer can enter
  • Mode 2 is Tournament Arena. In this mode <amount> reflects the entry cost into the tournament.

Viewers can enter the Arena by using the command: !joinarena <amount>
In mode 1, the amount represents the amount a viewer wants to wager. While, in mode 2 this is not required as the entry fee is fixed.

Mechanics of Mode 1 : Knockout Arena
In this mode, viewers can wager points to fight against another viewer. If they win, they walk away with their opponents wager (capped at their own max wager).
For example, Viewer A entered 100 points and Viewer B entered 50 points. If Viewer A wins, he walks away with 150 points. However, if Viewer B wins, he walks away with only 100 points and 50 points are refunded to Viewer A.

Mechanics of Mode 2 : Tournament Arena
In this mode, viewers can enter the tournament at a fixed entry cost and fight against all participants competing for a podium finish. The top three fighters (using a single Knockout elimination bracket) will walk away with the pot of entry fees. The winning pay-offs are 65% for 1st place, 25% for 2nd place and 15% for 3rd place.


If you are a GOLD VIP, you should be able to use all of the commands. Cheers.

X represents you can target a person.

If you do not have your personal channel command displaying your fc and ign, you should private message me.

!party, !poke x, !chant x, !popcorn, !heart, !hug x, !brofist, !sunglasses, !highfive, !hax, !swag, !cuddle x, !dance, !served x, !focus x, !tickle x,

!challenge x, !hypetrain, !luv, !dhype x, !website, !rigged, !commands, !giveaway, !ranks, !tournament, !grenade, !checkguns, !manyourguns,

!flashbang, !bankheistinfo, !shoot, !gun, !boobflash, !joindate, !hours, !myrank, !run, !attack x, !moveset, !pokedex x, !buttflash,  !auslove, !donate, !twitter, !youtube,