Tournament 4

Supreme Champion: Pokechampjoey,2723-8310-9751,Zayed Worthy Adversary: MoonKush,4527-9662-5992,Matthew Maybe Next Time: Tobo1234,4485-0056-0652,Lana 4th place: Nyoung0251,3969-5092-5157,Nick 5th place tie: Naglinator,4914-3549-6240,Nagl Voltic_chargegaming,3282-3027-7240,Sphreeze Mawile,0791-2572-7854,Antonio Heisenberg247,3368-1879-2462,Heisenberg 9th place tie: joskedemuiler,2208-6803-5446,Javier Artlightdead,4012-4243-8669,Sena Noukky,0147-0300-0285,Izzy ActionKvrt,1392-5499-2430,ActionKurt Yungtrendz213,1263-7067-6053,Ash Jackhammer567,1993-9355-0365,Dougs Waikikinico,4184-2769-6750,Nico Ya_boyy_omar,1418-8012-2458,Josh 17th place tie: Juniboy12,1134-8976-9222,Juni Nonsensewar,2680-9790-3636,Jan Ratedv0wnage,2938-6540-8538,Cory ChubbyNinjaDuck,2895-7936-1736,Liam vuvig,0361-8503-8624,vuvig ThisInstant,1177-9022-4329,Basti Lucky_foxyt,3754-7279-7556,Lucky FreeSpirit87,2165-6271-3519,Wes IcedFrappe,0275-9382-5141,Iced Frappe AuSLove,3583-0846-9518,AuSLove Kaya130,1977-1239-3183,Bailey Mortistio,1865-0485-7796,Ernest kleinnguyen,3797-7128-3574,klein Joseph0420,1134-8994-0100,Joseph DangerMauz,2337-4826-9386,DangerMauz training800,5343-8783-6879,keegan smith 33rd place tie: … Read more

Tournament 3

TOURNAMENT is OVER! (Winners Updated Below) Also, Battle IDs are below, make sure to check out some awesome battles. Battle your opponent. Add the FC or message them on twitch. If not responded message me. Please submit your battle id below. Do not tell the viewers if you won or lost. No spoilers. Spoilers will … Read more

Tournament 2

Battle Rules: We use smogan rules. Violation of that will result in elimination. All the battles are elimination until semi-finals. After you finish your battle, save the battle and send in the battle id. You do not have to tell if you won or lost. DO NOT SPOIL! Your battle will be played on … Read more

Tournament 1

Supreme Champion: Fahklett 1306-6548-9890 Yoloswag Worthy Adversary: DBIs_Mawile 0791-2572-7854 Antonio Maybe Next Time: Artlightdead 4012 4243 8669 Arzy 4th place: AusLove | 3024-7277-1285 | Siz 5th place tie: FuryhunterX2 DansterICE 4897-6060-0165 Daniel MoonKush 4527-9662-5992 Matthew Slayer6169 9th place tie: TheSandySandile | 5026 – 5082 – 6198 | Amala Dayton_Holt | 0774-5522-9689 | Dayton vuvig 0361-8503-8624 … Read more