AuSLove Breeding Sunday Shiny Wonder Trades


We choose random 6 Pokemon every week to breed.
You can choose any one or two to breed.
Nickname all the breedjects to your breeders id.
Wonder Trade them with us together on Sunday with timer.
You get 500 coins for every breedject we get with your breeder id!!!

To Register: !RegisterId
To Check Your ID: !MyId
To Check ID: !CheckID Number
To Check ID of a username: !Checkbreeder name

Nickname of a pokemon is AuSLove 1 [where 1 is your breeder id]

Nicknaming a pokemon with “AuS” or “AuSLove” followed by number gives bonus coins.


We encourage trainers to breed their pokemon! Also, we would like to reward the trainers for their hard work.

End of the every stream, we will choose 6 pokemon that will be the “breeding list” for next stream.
The 6 pokemon we choose will be randomized every week.

By the way, do not sweat if you don’t have time to breed. You can still join in and wonder trade anything you like.

Whats in for the trainers?:
After end of every box (30 wonder trades), we will do a plush giveaway. That is something we do every Sunday!
We also do a special giveaway of plush for the breeders!

Remember, you are making WONDER TRADES a better place by breeding!

Use of the Breeder Id:
Nickname your pokemon your breeder id after it is hatched.
If we find the pokemon, your twitch name will be awarded 300 coins!
SPECIAL OFFER: Nickname your pokemon auslove and your breeder id, and receive 500 coins!
Example: your breeder id is 46, nickname the pokemon auslove46 or 46

Why Breeder ID:
1. Reward the people who breed pokemon to send out in wonder trades.
2. Every pokemon will be more likely to be a good nature and good IVs.
3. The pokemon you receive, you will be able to locate/pin point the owner and thank them.
4. Overall, just a community thing. Make wonder trades great again.

List of All Breeders:

Looking forward to this. See you there.


Old Breedlist
Week 1 – 16th July 2017- Riolu, Popplio, Tauros, Beldum, Spinda and Pancham.
Week 2 – 23rd July 2017 – Cyndaquil, Togepi, Corphish, Timburr, Spritzee, Slandit
Week 3 – 30th July 2017 – Teddiursa, Skorupi, Porygon, Tepig, Tyrunt, Flabebe
Week 4 – 6th August 2017 – Tympole, Cranidos, Squirtle, Azurill, Shieldon, Pawniard
Week 5 – 13th August 2017 – Poliwag, Lapras, Gible, Snivy, Klink & Cutiefly
Week 6 – 20th August 2017 – Nidoran M, Chimchar, Alolan Grimer, Hoothoot, Wimpod & Stantler
Week 7 – 3rd September 2017 – Lickitung, Venipede, Munchlax, Whismur, Meowth-Alola & Spheal
Week 8 – 10th September 2017 – Charmander, Ekans, Alolan-Vulpix, Sandshrew, Tynamo and Bronzor
Week 9 – 17th September 2017 – Furfrou, Hippopotas, Murkrow, Clauncher, Ponyta and Litten
Week 10 – 24th September 2017 – Igglybuff, Scraggy, Scyther, Foongus, Pancham, Oshawatt
Week 11 – 1st October 2017 – Sunday – Snorunt. Sudowoodo, Deino, Elekid, Tangela, Karrablast
Week 12 – 8th October 2017 – Sunday – Chimchar, Rotom, Buneary, Riolu, Pachirisu, Shellos
Week 17 – 12th November 2017 – Sunday -Kangaskhan, Surskit, Paras, Litten, Bellsprout, Vanillite