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How To Redeem:
The Prize ID is very important when it comes to redeem. [Example: L0210 or A0402]

TheGreatLeaderMaxie does the redeems of all kind including teams.

1. Type “/w TheGreatLeaderMaxie msg” in the chat to contact through whisper.

2. He should respond within as soon as possible.

3. After replied or before the reply, please hit up with all the IDs and requests.
4. You can use all your coins at once. No limitation. Just send prize IDS!


Also you can whisper AuSLoveBot for more questions.

Welcome to the Reward List (Prizes For Coins)!

How To Check Your Balance: Type !Coins in Twitch Chat

When you guys subscribe, you get 1 prize for free and you get 1000 coins which you can use for anything.
You can also collect 1000 coins by staying in the chat.

1. 1000 Coins – * Any Prizes From The List

2. 2000 Coins – * Custom Prize [Anything] Type !Custom In The Chat

3. 3000 Coins – * Shiny Egg – No Legends

4. 4000 Coins – * Pre-built Team [6 Total]

5. 5000 Coins – * SIX Prizes From The List

6. 12,500 Coins – * Art Commission [Click]

7. 15,000 Coins – * 21 Shiny Starters Lvl5

8. 30,000 Coins – * All Legendaries Ever [50+]

Check some teams you can still get

More teams coming soon!

These Prizes Are For SUBSCRIBERS.
Whisper one of the moderators and they will help you out.

When You Subcribe/Re-subcribe:

[GEN 1]
[GEN 2]
[GEN 3]
[GEN 4]
[GEN 5]
[GEN 6]
[GEN 7]
[Full List]
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You can also use these otherwise.

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In the search box, you can search by type, moves, pokemon name even multiple words.
There are 1200+ total prizes to choose from!
Adding more soon